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ArmorerLink® Tracking PPE During COVID-19 Crisis

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ArmorerLink® Has Solutions for Armed Schools Districts

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ArmorerLink® Releases New Firearm Management System (Patent Pending).

Hillsboro, Oregon: ArmorerLink® releases patent pending Firearm Management System. "We are extremely excited to announce the release of a new ArmorerLink Firearm Management Software (ALFMS) System" said President and CEO, Joe Ganete.

The ALFMS System not only optimizes and automates how an agency tracks firearms, equipment and training, but it includes modules for shooting range management and integration to the ArmorerLink Tactical Lockers (ALTL) - a new offering scheduled for release Q4 2018.

ALTL are electronic lockers that seamlessly interface with ALFMS. The ALTL function as self-service kiosks for checking-in and checking-out firearms and equipment. The ALTL connect to the internet via Wi-Fi or land line capturing transactions in real-time. Lockers have a key bypass in the event of a power failure. ALTL will be manufactured in the U.S.A. and are fully serviceable by agencies, thus eliminating costly maintenance agreements and the need for specialized service technicians.

Upcoming events that ArmorerLink will be showcasing the ALFMS and related products include:

  • CA Police Chief Association’s Training Symposium in Long Beach, CA (March 2018)
  • Shooting Range Day in Tacoma, WA in association PNWDC (July 2018)
  • FBI National Academy Association Annual in Hood River, OR (September 2018).

About ArmorerLink®
ArmorerLink® is the leading Firearm Management Software for Law Enforcement that provides firearm tracking, training and maintenance compliance. Unlike other solutions, ArmorerLink® is affordable, functional and easy to use.

ArmorerLink® CEO asking law enforcement agencies to prove their risk and performance.

Hillsboro, Oregon: ArmorerLink® CEO, Det. Joe Ganete, Ret. is asking law enforcement agencies to prove their risk and performance by taking a test that can be completed in five-minutes or less.

Ganete said, "If it’s not in the report, it didn’t happen; the same is true for risk management, if you can’t produce the records, it didn’t happen. Defense attorneys want proof, our communities expect trained and equipped first responders, period".

Ganete designed a test for agencies to quickly evaluate risks. Agencies can download the test from ArmorerLink’s website:

Ganete articulated trained officers reduce risks, and maintaining accurate up to date training records is vital for any agency. Training and disciplinary action has been the traditional method for mitigating risks; however, in today’s climate, agencies must do more to stay in compliance and demonstrate transparency.

Amazingly, a survey conducted by ArmorerLink® through PoliceOne revealed 70% of respondents utilize spreadsheets and paper forms for tracking training, firearms, equipment, maintenance records and firearm qualification scores.

ArmorerLink® will be exhibiting at the 5th Annual Maritime Security West Conference in Tacoma, Washington September 20-22, Booth #13 showcasing the ArmorerLink® Firearm Management Software and related products.

About ArmorerLink®
ArmorerLink® is the leading Firearm Management Software for Law Enforcement that provides firearm tracking, training and maintenance compliance. Unlike other solutions, ArmorerLink® is affordable, functional and easy to use.

ArmorerLink® and CAMCODE® Exhibiting at SHOT Supplier Showcase

Hillsboro, Oregon: This year, SHOT has introduced a supplier show that starts Monday, January 16, 2017 from 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. at the Palazzo Ballroom, 5th Floor, Venetian Hotel Meetings Rooms, Las Vegas.

ArmorerLink® and CAMCODE® will be co-exhibiting at SHOT Supplier Showcase (Booth S1211) offering solutions to manufacturers who are looking at automating their research and development armory or developing a custom software solution.

ArmorerLink® offers law enforcement agencies and manufacturers simple and cost effective software solutions for firearm and equipment tracking, training and maintenance.

CAMCODE® provides durable bar code labels and direct part marking services for customized weapons marking. Whether for compliance standards like ITAR (International Traffic in Arms Regulations) or general asset tracking, Camcode’s advanced processes are used to assess and mark thousands of different types of weapons with various surfaces and conditions. Camcode has installed marks on hundreds of thousands of weapons, including small arms and communications assets for the U.S. military, the United Kingdom Ministry of Defence and the Australian Special Operations Command. The company’s experience ensures your marks last the life of the weapon.

ArmorerLink® President Joe Ganete said "We’ve relied on CAMCODE® mil-spec bar code labels and services since 2013. CAMCODE® delivers consistent quality and services to our law enforcement and manufacturer customer base. Our alliance with CAMCODE® greatly benefits our customers".

ArmorerLink® will be introducing ArmorerLink® Firearm Management Software (ALFMS) version 4.0 which includes a new function for attaching CAMCODE® Engineering Specifications (asset label placement instructions) to inventory items. This functionality provides ALFMS users another level of asset marking organization to ensure consistent item marking and quality assurance.

To learn how ArmorerLink® and CAMCODE® can help you, visit us at booth S1211 or call toll free (800) 571-0753.

ArmorerLink® Acquired by Ganete Solutions, Incorporated

Hillsboro, Oregon: Armorer Link, Inc. announces the recent acquisition by Ganete Solutions, Inc. The acquisition agreement was signed Monday, October 31, 2016.

This acquisition will greatly contribute toward expanding the ArmorerLink® product line. ArmorerLink® CEO Joe Ganete said "This acquisition will increase our capability and allow us to continue delivering cutting edge solutions and value to our customers".

ArmorerLink® will continue developing ArmorerLink Firearm Management Software (ALFMS) Version 3.1 which is utilized by private sector and government agencies across the United States.

We expect a smooth transition with no change to existing customers.

About ArmorerLink®
ArmorerLink® offers agencies simple and cost effective software solutions for firearm and equipment tracking, training and maintenance.

ArmorerLink® debuts new offering at FBINAA Oregon Chapter

Hillsboro, Oregon: Armorer Link, Inc. demonstrated their Firearm Management Software (FMS) version 1.77 at the FBI National Academy Associates, Inc. 2015 conference held at the Riverhouse Hotel in Bend, Oregon. Adding to their suite of products and services, Armorer Link released functionality to track round count.

With the ArmorerLink® FMS the end user using a mobile device can capture in real-time total rounds fired through a respective firearm. This functionality automatically updates firearm records and allows armorers to track and follow factory maintenance schedules. This also enables agencies to easily forecast ammunition budgets, track consumption and monitor firearm service life. The software seamlessly tracks information behind the scenes and provides automatic email notifications when firearms reach end of service life threshold in rounds and/or years.

Additionally, the mobile application captures range qualification scores eliminating the labor-intensive job of manually recording information on paper and tedious data entry following range training.

Like all products and services offered by ArmorerLink®, these solutions are simple, effective and work with any firearm. These features save an agency resources, streamline administrative work and reduce errors resulting from manual data entry.

About ArmorerLink®
ArmorerLink® offers law enforcement agencies simple and cost effective software solutions for firearm and equipment tracking, training and maintenance.

ArmorerLink's New Solution for Mitigating Misplaced Firearms, Turns Heads at the 46th Annual NW Leadership Conference

Hillsboro, Oregon: - Armorer Link Inc. was welcomed as the newest vendor to exhibit at the Northwest Leadership Seminar. This event was hosted by the Oregon Fire Chiefs Association and was attended by over 700 leaders from law enforcement, fire departments, 911 dispatch, and other public safety leaders. This year's seminar theme was Veteran Leadership and Anne Bendig show coordinator from the Western Fire Chiefs Association commented, "Armorer Link was a great addition to the show. Everyone was impressed by a new solution to manage risk."

The ArmorerLink® solution is a set of tools integrated into a unique cloud based software package that law enforcement agencies use to set structure and procedures for the tracking, training and maintenance of firearms and equipment. The solution is affordable for smaller agencies, which comprise well over 50% of the law enforcement agencies in the United States. It enables automation of many tasks now done manually, saving time and money for agencies, while increasing accountability and reducing liability. The software is low cost, intuitive and recommended by insurance companies.

Throughout the seminar Armorer Link CEO, Joe Ganete, and other representatives met with key individuals in the public safety community. This solution was embraced as a new, effective way to mitigate risks associated with the management of firearms and was quickly endorsed.

Armorer Link also held a drawing for an Armorer Link logo knife and on Friday March 6th, Kim Sunderlin a logistics assistant for TVFR (Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue) was welcomed on stage as the winner!

About ArmorerLink®
ArmorerLink® offers law enforcement agencies simple and cost effective software solutions for firearm and equipment tracking, training and maintenance.

Oregon-Based ArmorerLink® Is Making Streets Safer for Cities Everywhere.

ARMORERLINK developed a revolutionary firearms management system (FMS) that is helping law enforcement agencies combat lost weapons. Armorer Link offers an efficient cloud-­‐based software program for the tracking, training and maintenance of firearms.

Armorer Link, Inc. CEO Joe Ganete developed ArmorerLink® FMS after personally experiencing the challenges law enforcement agencies face tracking firearms, and the monumental task armorers face when coordinating preventive maintenance, repairs, and associated record keeping.

Ganete said, “Law enforcement professionals are experts at adapting and overcoming challenges, as such, because of limited budgets, agencies create firearm tracking and maintenance systems using 3 x 5 cards, paper forms, spread sheets, database programs or adapt to record management systems.”

That’s where ArmorerLink® comes in. A purpose built application offering a simple and intuitive interface, allowing end users access of data for quality checks, maintenance schedules, and assignment of firearms to a specific user helping to keep the entire department records up-­‐to-­‐date and accessible from anywhere using cloud technology. For example, officers can book firearm service appointments, take inventory, and record firearm qualification scores using a mobile device and Armorer Link’s built-­‐in mobile applications.

In addition, the system works off-­‐line for range qualifications and capturing training attendance records in areas where access to Wi-­‐Fi or Cellular Service is not accessible. This is just the tip of the iceberg; the application features a collection of modules and functions such as inventory management and capacity planning which is often associated with complex programs costing hundreds of thousands of dollars. ArmorerLink® solution is affordable, allowing small or large agencies to own state-­‐of-­‐the-­‐art technology.

“Over time, knowledge dilutes,” stated Ganete. “At first, people are diligent and follow procedures exactly. Within a few years, those same people start to cut corners.” Ganete believes this is one of many reasons firearms are lost and/or not consistently armored. With ArmorerLink®, the procedure is set and the entire agency is synchronized because everyone has access to feature rich software based on lean six sigma methodologies.

There are several major advantages to Ganete’s system. The main benefit is overall risk management and performance; hence their tag line “Linking risk and performance”. Using ArmorerLink® reduces the likelihood of malfunctions and lost firearms (risk). The software is the first affordable way to combine all the necessary elements to mitigate risk (performance); similar systems could be created only by using a mix of different programs at a much greater cost and complexity.

Finally, this program forecasts the end of the service life for each firearm, helping departments to budget and prepare accordingly. “This is a win-­‐win situation for cities, law enforcement agencies and officers,” said Ganete.

Ganete hopes his system will be adopted in departments across the US and abroad. Their commitment to safety along with quality is evident in their initial product offering. ArmorerLink® maintains consistency over time, making it an excellent choice for law enforcement agencies around the country and abroad.

ArmorerLink®, INC - Launch Announcement

ARMORERLINK, INC. ( proudly announces the anticipated release of its turnkey solution for firearm tracking, training and maintenance. The cloud-based program streamlines many law enforcement processes, creating a seamless flow between all phases of firearm management. The software simplifies the management of firearm tracking, training and maintenance. This streamlined process is achieved by utilizing barcode technology, lean processes and smart programming. A key feature is the paperless, automatic training attendance record for each officer that is automatically generated and sent to administrative record keepers as well as state academies via e-mail.

ArmorerLink’s tag line, “Linking risk and performance” says it all. ArmorerLink® significantly reduces the possibility of embarrassing and increased liability due to the loss of agency owned weapons. Accountability for each firearm is automatic and easily achieved through advanced scanning technology that is supplied by ArmorerLink® as part of the subscription. The life of each firearm is automatically tracked and available at a keystroke. Accountability at every level of the organization for issuing, maintaining, and training is not only enhanced but made ironclad. Discouraging intentional theft as well as casual irresponsibility, ArmorerLink® functions to create a sense of ownership in each employee over the control of their firearms and equipment through its built-in layers of accountability. The worry of determining who did what, when, where and why becomes a thing of the past.

This highly intuitive and functional solution has cloud-based storage using the same level of security one would expect in a world-class organization. There is no software to download or contracts to sign. Instead, the user accesses the agency account through the Internet. Rather than forcing an agency into the “software purchase cycle” where obsolete software soon requires the purchase of mandatory expensive upgrades, ArmorerLink® offers the agency service through its one-time agency site software licensing fee, enabling every officer to use the program, followed by a very low-cost maintenance program that includes all future software updates as well as a gold-standard 24/7 customer service.

ArmorerLink® will quickly become one of those “how did we live without this before” kind of products. Hard to find data and near impossible to track paper records now become instantly available to everyone from agency armorers and trainers through command staff. The decrease in paper-intensive data input and storage, as well as the decrease in liability related problems result in a very attractive return on investment for any budget — ArmorerLink® measurably saves budget dollars.