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ArmorerLink® Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

ⓘ About Barcode Asset Labels

Q: Are barcodes on firearms required to use ArmorerLink® Firearm Management Software?

A: No. ArmorerLink® Firearm Management Software recognizes serial numbers and barcodes are not required; however, we highly recommend the use of barcodes.

Q: Can ArmorerLink® Firearm Management Software recognize OEM firearm factory barcodes?

A: Yes. The software recognizes a wide range of barcode symbologies.

Q: Can ArmorerLink® Firearm Management Software work with RFID systems?

A: Yes

Q: Are the barcode labels resistant to firearm cleaners and lubricants such as cleaning solvent, gun oil and grease?

A: Yes.

ⓘ About Technology Integration

Q: What's included with the ArmorerLink® Firearm Management Software subscription?

A: Software access, online training, software support by email, software updates and daily data backup.

Q: Does ArmorerLink® offer the option for in-house hosting, and if so, does this reduce the monthly subscription cost?

A: Yes, we offer the option to purchase the application, along with a yearly service agreement which reduces the monthly subscription cost.

Q: Are ArmorerLink® workstations required to use ArmorerLink® Firearm Management Software?

A: No. You may use your own hardware such as a personal computer with a web browser, a tablet or mobile device to access ArmorerLink® Firearm Management Software.

Q: Can you tell me about the backend of ArmorerLink® Firearm Management Software?

A: Our solution stack is Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP (LAMP)

Q: If solution is hosted by ArmorerLink®, do we have local or cached data available if service is disrupted by loss of internet connection?

A: Some functions in the mobile application (included with subscription) are cached, allowing for functionality offline. The desktop application requires an internet connection through Wi-Fi, Ethernet, Cellular or Satellite.

Q: What browsers does ArmorerLink® support?

A: ArmorerLink® supports Google Chrome® and Safari®

Q: Is it possible to write custom reports and queries on the data?

A: Yes.

Q: Does ArmorerLink® have any avenue to import data into the system, such as personnel data or training information?

A: Yes. End user can upload data using Microsoft Excel® spreadsheets .CSV format for training records, officer information, firearm serial numbers, inventory items and more. Additionally, we import personnel and inventory photographs in .JPG format. You can download the templates from our website.

Q: In the event an agency wants to move away from ArmorerLink® Firearm Management Software, is there a way to export the data?

A: Yes.

Q: Can ArmorerLink® Firearm Management Software use Microsoft® Active Directory?

Custom integration is available for Active Directory.

Q: Is ArmorerLink® Firearm Management Software Criminal Justice Information Systems (CJIS) compliant?

A: By default, ArmorerLink Firearm Management Software is CJIS compliant.

Q: Is ArmorerLink® compliant with Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard (DSS)?

A: Yes. Our Merchant Account is with Bank of America

Q: How is ArmorerLink® Firearm Management Software different from using spreadsheets for tracking firearms, maintenance and training?

A: Spreadsheets have disadvantages that can be damaging and counterproductive to an agency. The table below compares spreadsheets to ArmorerLink® Firearm Management Software.

Spreadsheet Solution

ArmorerLink® Solution

Vulnerable to fraud by altering formulas and values without detection.

Wide range of security features and controls.

Susceptible to trivial human error such as data entry in misaligned rows.

Simple GUI and barcodes technology minimizes human errors.

Difficult to trouble shoot or test, specially with interlaced spreadsheets.

Information synchronized regardless of location numbers or end users.

Obstructive to regulatory compliance.

CJIS compliant.

Unfit for agile business practices keeping pace with emerging technology.

Nimble enough to be agile and adaptive.

Not designed for collaborative work of planning, forecasting and budgeting.

Built-in reporting of real-time data for unlimited locations accessed by users.

Hard to consolidate data for reporting.

One click reporting, printing and emailing.

Unsuited for business continuity.

Data easily recovered from data backup.

Scales poorly because as an agency grows, information gets more distributed.

Unlimited concurrent user login and unlimited locations.

Q: How is ArmorerLink® Firearm Management Software different from using paper forms for tracking firearms, maintenance and training?

A: Paper forms have similar disadvantages to spreadsheets. Paper-based systems take time to fill out while human error can lead to useless data. Storing, managing, retrieving and sharing paper-based firearm tracking paperwork is not easy. Paper documents can be vulnerable to getting lost, stolen or damaged.

Q: We have a Record Management System (RMS) that offers a firearm tracking module, why would I need ArmorerLink® Firearm Management Software?

A: ArmorerLink® Firearm Management Software is a purpose built dedicated application that seamlessly integrates the work performed by Armorer’s, Trainers and Department Quartermaster. With countless features not found in typical RMS. ArmorerLink® Firearm Management Software has the tools to manage time, coordinate people, plan for capacity and throughput, produce management reports for forecasting tools.

Learn with ArmorerLink®

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